Virus Removal

Computer malware is software designed to purposefully cause damage to a computer or harm to its owner and can come in many different forms: adware, viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, worms, backdoors, so forth.

Malware is often still summed up as “computer viruses” because the term “virus” has been so widely adopted over time, but on a more technical level, a computer virus is only one type of malware.

Microsoft Windows often gets referred to as an operating system that gets more malware than other operating systems. While true for now, this only occurs because developers intentionally target Windows because it gets used by more people. Overall, Windows is a very secure operating system and malware is going to be a part of life that we computer experts will constantly need to monitor as more evil developers target unsuspecting users. This section aims to help as much as possible in that regard by offering instructions on how to combat and remove malware from your computers.

Here you can find thousands of tutorials for Rogue software, Potentially Unwanted programs, Adware, Browser hijackers, Ransomware, Tech Support Scams and Trojans.

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