Some people are finding a Vzwpix email virus in their inboxes. Vzwpix is a classic phishing scam that hopes you click on the .txt file attached to the email. And if you have clicked on the text file, it means malware will be installed on your computer.

There is no antimalware tool that can solve phishing scams from arriving in your inbox. However, you can use antimalware tools to hopefully remove the malware from your computer if you have been tricked and clicked on the link. It’s not always possible to remove all components of every bit of malware from a computer, so it’s best to be as careful as possible and not click on the scams.

Email inboxes are not tied to any specific operating system — you might have opened this email on Windows or Mac. So there is no one program we can recommend to install. However, for Windows users, we recommend Spybot – Search & Destroy, and for Mac users we recommend Malwarebytes. Both programs have free versions that allow you to instantly run scans and remove the malware without having to pay anything. Only if you like the idea of keeping the program long time do you need to worry about paying for the programs. This is standard for antimalware tools.