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Privacy Policy

When we show advertising such as banners and text ads from Google Adsense we are obliged to tell our readers about how that works and what remains private.

You should know that our readers privacy is important to us and we have no intent on finding out private information on anyone who visits our site. However, there are aspects to do with our readers that we do note for a couple of reasons. The first is to target the advertising so that it suits your needs. Doing so increases the click rate of the ads and that generates more revenue for the website as well as giving what should be at times a more useful experience to the reader. There’s no other reason for it than that. Secondly, we can sometimes see what people wrote to land on our pages. That helps us with targeting our views and to understand how well the website is working.

Log Files

We at consumingtech.com collect log files such as the time of the visit, operating system, device manufacturer, country and city location along with the IP Address. All the information helps us optimize our website with creating content to users’ needs. We never learn any personal information about our readers such as the exact location, name, phone number or anything else. However, if a user were to subscribe to the website then the email is stored on our servers. We use this email address for sending out subscription material only and will not use the email for any other reason. Furthermore, the email address is kept completely private and nobody else can see it ever. In addition, we guarantee to never give your email to any other people or websites.

DoubleClick Dart Cookie and Web Beacons

Most of us know a cookie as something we eat, but here on the web it means something very different. In essence, our advertising agencies (Such as Google.com with the Google Adsense program) set cookies in the browser to take notice of what you look up. The purpose of that is to target advertise better and create a better advertising experience for the reader, the ad company, the people advertising and increasing the revenue made by the website that is displaying the ads. other information that may be sent includes the IP Address, browser, ISP and the time you visited the site.

To help you understand even more let me further explain. If you were to visit a website about furniture because you were looking for a new sofa and then visited consumingtech.com you may see a banner ad showing a sale that somebody is having on sofas. It is designed to show you something you are interested in learning more about. There’s nothing more to it than that. It doesn’t always work that way though. For example, if there is no ad that looks right for you sometimes the ads will show something that is relevant to my webpage that you are visiting. I, as the website owner, have no control over what is shown and when. However, I can take a look at what ads are being shown on my site and choose to ban individual banner and text ads that I don’t think my readers will like.

Our readers can opt out of the DART cookie after visiting the link through to Google’s privacy and terms page.

Terms of Service

This website is maintained for giving people information for educational purposes. While it is true that each author writing for ConsumingTech has a long history in writing on tech, none of our work comes with a warranty or guarantees that it works for you when you visit. We do our best to create content and lay it out in a manner that gives people the highest level of assurance that things work; however, as with all things in tech, sometimes things can go wrong, and if they do, it falls back on you for choosing to do what you wanted to do.

We feel our website gives a great user experience from mobile devices, desktops, and most laptops. If you’re using a laptop that is manufactured not to show us optimally, you can zoom in and out from your web browser’s settings.

If you have any questions or queries about our privacy policy, please contact us.