Privacy Policy

ConsumingTech uses some tracking cookies to note which posts are being viewed and how web surfers are interacting with the content it creates. These stats are useful for trying to run a successful website.

ConsumingTech uses for its tracking cookie. Via ConsumingTech’s account on, it gets access to information such as the number of unique views and total views for the day’s traffic. It also shows the nearest city and the ISP used, and the browser and operating system versions for each visitor. Moreover, allows us to see the visitor paths (what additional webpages were clicked on our domain) and what download links were clicked, if any.

ConsumingTech uses the Google Adsense advertising network to monetize its website. We have no control over what cookies Google uses for its Adsense program — it is managed and maintained by Google. You can read more about Adsense terms of service. Based on what text is on our site, Adsense may choose to display certain ads to target that traffic. Google controls which ads are displayed when you visit.

There is no other tracking on this site.

If you have any questions or queries about our privacy policy, please contact us.