The most integral part of a desktop or mobile device is its operating system, but the most common thing to do on a device is browsing the internet. You won’t get far with that without having a web browser first.

The Google Chrome web browser is the most used browser in the world, thanks to it being owned by Google. Since Google owns it, it gets a helping hand from free advertising on the YouTube website and, of course, the Google search engine landing page.

Even though many of Google’s downloads undoubtedly happen because of the banners on Google search and YouTube, it is still currently the best browser in the world in the opinion of many. However, Google Chrome isn’t the only web browser. Most people will know other browsers because each device comes with a different default web browser that is either made by or in a deal with the company that makes the device, i.e., Apple iPhone’s come with the Safari—Apple owned— web browser application by default.

Here you can find thousands of tutorials for Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

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