Many people use Windows 10 for setting up alarms to replace a traditional clock. Similarly, starting in Windows 10 build 14926, you can use Cortana and Microsoft Edge to snooze reminders.

It is not uncommon for people to use a web browser to research complicated tasks. This is especially true for professionals but also true for anyone who is researching cooking from home, and so forth. With the new snooze feature in Edge, you can now set up reminders in Edge and then choose to snooze them for a minute number of your choice. These snoozes can be set up for individual tabs which means you can set up several of them at once.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to use the Edge browser to snooze when using a version of the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Use Microsoft Edge Snooze in Windows 10

You can start snoozing tabs in Microsoft Edge via the Reminders section in Cortana. Here is how to do that:

1. With Edge open, right-click on the tab you want to set up a snooze for and click Snooze.

2. Cortana will automatically open to the right location you need to set up the snooze. Under where Cortana asks What do you want to be reminded about, fill in the available fields.

3. Once you are done filling in what the reminder is for and what time you want it, click Save.

4. Wait for the message from Cortana on its flyout that says I’ll remind you and then ensure to keep that tab open when you want to be reminded.

Note: You can also edit any of the existing reminders you have already set up. To do this, open Cortana, click Notebook > Reminders and you will see the list of reminders you have already created.

In conclusion, that is how to use snooze on a Microsoft Edge tab in Windows 10.