If it’s a truly open source computer and desktop operating system that you want, you cannot look past Linux. Linux can be a bit confusing to the non-nerd-type of a person because it comes in a bunch of different “distributions” and thus you can’t just install an operating system called “Linux” like you could with macOS or even Windows. But because Linux and its distributions are all open source, they are heavily customizable, and that’s why the geeks love Linux.

If you chose to become an expert in the Linux operating system, you won’t have as many jobs available as you would have if you went down the path of becoming a Windows expert, but the jobs that are available will pay better. Simply put, there are far fewer Linux experts in the world than its competitors like Windows, and it takes a lot of knowledge to become one—hence the good pay available to be one.

Many businesses opt to use Linux over Windows because Linux operating systems are known as being very secure. Linux is also very popular to use for web servers to host websites like ours because they are cheaper yet very reliable.