Gr8nole is a recognized contributor to XDA and I’ve watched a lot of his work over the years. It’s all good stuff and today he’s dished out a recovery and root kernel that’s quick and easy to install for the Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0.

The device is a low-end tablet and that makes it perfect for unchaining and opening it up with root access. With it, we can install new Custom ROMs and make appearance changes to the OS such as altering the theme. There’s also lots of practical reasons that make it useful, such as Overclocking the speed. If you want to get away from the stock experience because the Android 4.2 KitKat isn’t doing much for you anymore then follow the steps below. before starting we’ll run you through some important conditions first. It’s a good idea to read them all so you know what you are doing. Furthermore, it will cut the risks involved by becoming more aware of what is required.

Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

Details of Note

  • Customizing is really fun, but it doesn’t come without risks. The warranty will be void and the flash counter will trip over from where it was previously standing at zero. That means the workers in the manufactures factory will notice you tinkered with the software and they won’t touch the hardware or software. However, if you avoid soft and hard-bricks you can reapply stock software again and thus making the warranty in perfect pecking order once more.
  • We use a computer for transferring files for part of the guide but not all. Therefore it is important to have battery power saved up before we start the guide to avoid it shutting down before we finish working. make sure you have at least 35% battery power before starting. That way, when we combine the USB charging power from the beginning of the guide it will see us through to the end easily.
  • You need to own the SD card that fits to the tablet before starting. Buy them from the local store or from online retail outlets such as eBay. read the fine print carefully before shopping online because you don’t have the luxury of asking for help. The SD cards come in many different versions of each device.
  • Use the guide for the Lite 7.0 version of the tab only and no other. failing to meet this demand can result in bricking of the tablet. If that happens it will need help from another guide and often a full day of work to fix. It’s a hassle you are better off without.
  • Make sure you have the right USB drivers for a successful connection. Furthermore, enable USB Debugging mode by stopping over at the Develop Options menu available from the settings.
  • Do not start the steps unless you have Clockwork Mod recovery pore-installed. You can see how it’s done by viewing the same page available for the root file I give during the guide. The link will take you to the XDA Developers site where both sets of instructions are present.
  • Have a computer, notebook or laptop handy. It must have a USB slot so we can plug the tab in the side using the wire.
  • Once you have unlocked the tablets internal system you can use applications such as SCR screen recorder, Root Explorer, Six Axis Controller, Disk Digger free, Better Battery Stats, Android Tuner, Tasker, Adblock Plus, Greenify and more.

How To Root The Samsung Galaxy Tab Lite 7.0 Quickly

1. Turn the computer or laptop you are using ‘on’ and use it for the next step.

2. Download the root folder from XDA here.

3. Fetch the USB cable.
– look at the phone charger wire for help.
4. Transfer the zipped file to the SD card of the tablet.

5. Disconnect the Note from the computer.
– visit the ‘safely remove hardware’ icon in the system tray first.
– stop the USB Mass Storage device appropriately.

6. Turn the tablet off.

7. Boot it up in recovery mode.

8. Wipe the caches if you feel like it, but the developer doesn’t insist its necessary.

9. Choose to “install zip from SD card” and then “choose zip from SD card.”

10. Upload the root package here.

11. Confirm the process and start the flashing.

12. Go back and choose “reboot system now.”

That is the end.