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About ConsumingTech

ConsumingTech is a tech site focussing on how-to tutorials/guides, news, and reviews for all the prevalent computer software brands, including Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and more.

Founded in the year 2011 by a tech lover and software expert from Melbourne Australia, ConsumingTech has gradually grown into a reliable source of information for a variety of topics and regularly gets visits from people in over a hundred countries around the world. We have been used as a source of information by some of the leading technology blogs and sites on the Web, including XDA-Developers, AnandTech, Android Pit, OnePlus, Android Central, Android Guys, CyanogenMod, Microsoft Corp, and many more.

ConsumingTech enjoys helping people learn how to use their mobile devices, teaching them helpful tips with computing, providing free downloads for mobile and desktop operating systems, and covering the main news and reviews for each brand that routinely makes a name for themselves in the tech industry.

With hundreds of thousands of people using our website every month, putting their trust in the information coming from our pages, you can use our content with confidence in knowing that you are getting accurate information. If you notice any incorrect information, we urge you to get in touch with us from our contact page so we can fix it.

The ConsumingTech Writing Team

Mathew Diekhake: Mathew is a certified Microsoft systems administrator from Australia and also the editor of ConsumingTech.com. His desire to cover technology is never ebbing. He is obsessed with Windows and Android but has spent immeasurable hours learning about a variety of computer software, both formally and as an autodidact. Mathew has over 25 years of experience using Apple and Windows computers, starting with a Mac desktop computer in his primary school hallway where he always took advantage of green and black 8-bit computer programs every chance the teacher let him. Once computers became a bit more mainstream, he started using Windows in the family home. Mathew has been writing about computers since 2011, and his work has received mentions from many popular tech publications. Notable examples include computer hardware magazines such as AnAndTech.com, and the world’s largest Android website, AndroidPit.com.

Mahesh Makvana: Mahesh is a technology enthusiast who loves everything about tech, be it Apple, Google, Android, iOS or any other cool gadget. He enjoys covering tips and tricks for consumer software such as Android, Mac, and iOS. He spends most of his time thinking about new helpful tips in front of his Mac but also knows mobile operating systems very well. Mahesh has been writing online for nearly a decade and has written for some of the most renowned tech websites in the world, including HowToGeek, MakeUseOf, Make Tech Easier, and TheUnlockr. Mahesh was one of the premier Android rooting guide writers on the Web for TheUnlockr.com before covering Mac for MakeTechEasier.com. Here at ConsumingTech, he has covered rooting and other Android tutorials, as well as many Mac tutorials.

Arpit Kharbanda: Arpit is a technophile. He loves coding around in Python and Java. Arpit loves tweaking around with gadgets. He can be found either bugging out a code or writing blog posts. Arpit loves everything that comes under the realm of technology. He is extremely obsessed with all the geeky things around. So beware, he might kill you with his encyclopedic knowledge.

Amit Rahi: Amit is an engineer from India. He has also written online for several technology-based publications. Amit enjoys software development and has even created his own custom ROM.

Daniel Boaitey: Daniel is a writer from Atlanta, Georgia, in the United States. He enjoys reading as many technology-related publications as he can find. Daniel is an Android expert.

Ed: Ed is an iPhone enthusiast and a long-time iPhone user but also enjoys covering Android.

Unspecified: Articles written by unspecified authors.

Readers Like You: We often get tips directly to our email on for topic suggestions, and we greatly appreciate them! If you have a tip you think we might be interested in, you can reach out to me directly at adminsitrator@consumingtech.com or send a message directly to our inbox on social media.

Tutorials We Have Covered:

Operating Systems

An operating system is software that allows you a platform for other software. Without the operating system, your computer merely boots to nowhere of interest. A good OS is essential to any computer user.

  • Windows Tutorials
    We have thousands of articles covering Windows tutorials. We are Windows professionals, having spent years formally studying it. At one point in time, we held most certifications Microsoft had to offer. We hope to continue writing a lot more Windows tutorials in the future because they come easy to us.
  • macOS Tutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Mac tutorials. While we aren’t certified in Mac, our Mac writers have years of experience using Mac laptops and virtual machines.
  • Linux Tutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Windows tutorials.
  • Android Tutorials
    We have thousands of Android articles.
  • iOS tutorials
    We have hundreds of iOS articles.

Web Browsers

Web browsers are applications that become your portal to the internet. Without a web browser, we would not have a portal to the internet (online); and without a good one you won’t be enjoying your web browsing experience. As of writing this in 2020, there are a handful of browsers offering a very good browsing experience.

  • ChromeTutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Google Chrome tutorials. Most of our time on the internet is spent looking through Google Chrome’s eyes. We know how to optimize Chrome for a fantastic user experience, as well as solve many of Chrome’s nuisances.
  • FirefoxTutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Mozilla Firefox tutorials. If we aren’t on Chrome, you can probably find us on Firefox. Mozilla’s Firefox is the best web browser based on open source code in existence.
  • OperaTutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Opera browser tutorials.
  • VivaldiTutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Vivaldi browser tutorials.
  • ChromiumTutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Vivaldi browser tutorials.
  • BraveTutorials
    We have hundreds of articles covering Vivaldi browser tutorials.

Terms of Service

This website is maintained to give people information for educational purposes. While it is true that each author writing for ConsumingTech has a long history in writing on tech, none of our work comes with a warranty or guarantees that it works for you when you visit. We do our best to create content and lay it out in a manner that gives people the highest level of assurance that things work; however, as with all things in tech, sometimes things can go wrong. You can contact us to seek assistance if something has gone wrong, but we are not responsible for any damage to your device of any sort.

We feel our website gives a great user experience from mobile devices, desktops, and most laptops. If you’re using a laptop that is manufactured not to show us optimally, you can zoom in and out from your web browser’s settings.

Contacting ConsumingTech

We are interested in your tips, tricks, and informative information to help us create more content that helps serve the world. If you have any information that you think we might find valuable, send it to our contact page, and we will gladly take a look. We are always interested in topics for Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and tech in general.

Contributing to Team ConsumingTech

If you’re a very good writer and could help the team, you can send in your résumé using the contact page also. We always enjoy hearing from people who are passionate about joining our team.