About Us

Hello and welcome to ConsumingTech — a tech site focussing on how-to guides, news and reviews for all the key computer software brands, including Windows, Android, Linux, Mac OS X, and iOS.

Founded in the year 2011 by a tech enthusiast, ConsumingTech has gradually grown into a reliable source of information for a variety of topics, and regularly gets visits from people in over a hundred countries around the world. We have been used as a source of information by some of the leading technology blogs and sites around the Web including XDA-Developers, AnandTech, Android Pit, OnePlus, Android Central, Android Guys, CyanogenMod, Microsoft Inc, and many more.

ConsumingTech enjoys helping people customize their mobile devices, teaching them helpful tips with computing, and covering the main news and reviews for each brand that routinely makes a name for themselves in the tech industry.

With roughly half a million views a month and thousands of people using our website every day putting their trust in the information coming from our pages, you can use our content with confidence in knowing that you are getting accurate information. If you notice any incorrect information or facts, we urge you to get in touch with us from our contact page so we can fix it.

The Name

The term “consuming” in ConsumingTech was thought of as a descriptive word because we wanted to create a website with a lot of content, so when you came to the site, you’d have the chance to be consuming a lot of tech. ConsumingTech is designed to be an open-ended name that allows us to evolve along with technology and always cover whatever it is that comes our way in the future. Just because Windows is called Windows today doesn’t mean that Bill Gates won’t change his mind tomorrow, and in fact, some technology experts are predicting as much.

Even though we haven’t got any one brand name in our domain doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take us seriously. We know tech almost as well as anybody.

ConsumingTech also ran the following domains in the past and all work is now available on this site:

  • WindowsTutorials.com
  • macOSTutorials.com
  • FuschiaTutorials.com
  • BrowserTutorials.com
  • ChromeTutorials.com
  • FirefoxTutorials.com

Terms of Service

This website is maintained for giving people information for educational purposes. While it is true that each author writing for ConsumingTech has a long history in writing on tech, none of our work comes with a warranty or guarantees that it works for you when you visit. We do our best to create content and lay it out in a manner that gives people the highest level of assurance that things work; however, as with all things in tech, sometimes things can go wrong, and if they do, it falls back on you for choosing to do what you wanted to do.

We feel our website gives a great user experience from mobile devices, desktops, and most laptops. If you’re using a laptop that is manufactured not to show us optimally, you can zoom in and out from your web browser’s settings.

Due to the nature of much of the content on our site (the tutorials in particular), we have created a full list of terms and conditions that you can read up on if you like. Read more: Terms of Service

Contacting ConsumingTech

We are interested in your tips, tricks, and informative information to help us create more content that helps serve the world. If you have any information that you think we might find valuable, send it to our contact page, and we will gladly take a look. We are always interested in topics for Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and tech in general.

Contributing to Team ConsumingTech

If you’re a good writer and could help the team, you can send in your résumé using the contact page also. We always enjoy hearing from people who are passionate about joining our team.


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