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About ConsumingTech

ConsumingTech provides tutorials, reviews, news, and blog posts regarding the most necessary information for the leading computer operating systems, browsers, the internet, and gaming. At ConsumingTech.com, we hope to one day create a thriving tech community filled with tech enthusiasts, as well as convert the esoteric for beginners just searching for answers, and offer a variety of tutorials for computer software and the internet. ConsumingTech has been used as a source of information by leading technology blogs/forums/sites on the Web, including XDA-Developers, AnandTech, Android Pit, OnePlus, Android Central, Android Guys, CyanogenMod, Microsoft Corp, and many more.

Since 2011, with his expertise in the Windows operating system, Mathew Diekhake set out to create a website with thousands of technical writing tutorials that focussed on the main topics Windows users would need to learn. He has since covered other noteworthy operating systems and browsers, as well as the internet, gaming, and finance.

The mission of ConsumingTech is to create reliable articles for all things tech. And for readers to feel confident in using our expertise as a source for self-help in the field of computing.

ConsumingTech Writing Team

  • Mathew Diekhake: Mathew is the founding editor of ConsumingTech.com and is from Greater Melbourne, Australia. Mathew has over 30 years of experience using Apple and Windows computers. Mathew is a computer technician and has been writing about computers and the internet since 2011. His work has received mentions from many expert tech publications. Notable examples include computer hardware magazines such as AnandTech, and the world’s largest Android website, AndroidPit. He is also a freelance writer and spent 3 years writing for dotTech. Mathew is a Microsoft Certified IT Professional and internet expert.
  • Mahesh Makvana: Mahesh is from Bangalore, India and has been writing online since 2010. He has written for renowned websites such as HowToGeek, MakeUseOf, Make Tech Easier, and TheUnlockr. Mahesh was one of the premier Android rooting guide writers on the Web for TheUnlockr.com before covering Mac for MakeTechEasier.com. Here at ConsumingTech, he has covered Android and Mac tutorials.
  • Amit Rahi: Amit is an engineer from India. He has also written online for several technology-based publications. Amit enjoys software development and has developed his own custom ROM.
  • Olga Lizardo: Olga is a telecommunications project manager from New York, USA. She graduated from the New York Institute of Technology in 2015 with a Bachelor of Architecture (BArch). In her spare time, she enjoys reading about IT security and helping identify phishing websites.
  • Ed: Ed is a writer from Queensland, Australia. She is an iPhone enthusiast and a long-time iPhone user but also enjoys covering Android.
  • Arpit Kharbanda: Arpit is a technophile from Punjab, India. He loves coding around in Python and Java. Arpit loves tweaking around with gadgets. He can be found either bugging out a code or writing blog posts. Arpit loves everything that comes under the realm of technology. He is extremely obsessed with all the geeky things around. So beware, he might kill you with his encyclopedic knowledge.
  • Daniel Boaitey: Daniel is a writer from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. He enjoys reading as many technology-related publications as he can find. Daniel is an Android expert.
  • ConsumingTech Staff: Articles written by unspecified authors over the years.
  • Readers Like You: We often get tips directly to our email on topic suggestions, and we greatly appreciate them! If you have a tip you think we might be interested in, you can reach out to me directly at administrator@consumingtech.com or send a message directly to our inbox on social media.

Tutorials We Have Covered

Operating Systems

An operating system is software that allows you a platform for other software. Without the operating system, your computer merely boots to nowhere of interest. A good OS is essential to any computer user. We cover the following OSs:

Web Browsers

Web browsers are applications that become your portal to the internet. Without a web browser, we would not have a portal to the internet (online); and without a good one you won’t be enjoying your web browsing experience. As of writing this in 2020, there are a handful of browsers with an excellent browsing experience. We cover the following browsers:

We are also known for our website checker tool featuring professional website analysis by cybersecurity professionals and virus removal tutorials.

We also cover gaming, finance, the internet, and more!

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ConsumingTech has social media pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Mastodon. We also have email and RSS you can subscribe to. You can also direct message us on any of the social media platforms if you need to get in touch.

Contacting ConsumingTech

We are interested in your tips, tricks, and informative information to help us create more content that helps serve the world. If you have any information that you think we might find valuable, send it to our contact page, and we will gladly take a look. We are always interested in topics for Linux, Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and tech in general.

Contributing to Team ConsumingTech

If you’re an excellent writer and computing expert, you can send in your résumé using the contact page. We always enjoy hearing from people who are passionate about joining our team.


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