About Consuming Tech

Consuming Tech is an informational website for all things technology. Consuming Tech publishes tutorials, reviews, news, and blog posts for computer operating systems, browsers, the internet, gaming, tech finance, and more.

Consuming Tech’s Website Reference is also the most trusted third-party website authentication and grading service. Consuming Tech is the original crowdsourced website grading platform. We pioneered the first “How do I know if a website is safe?” checker. Our website grading service allows you to manually check a site’s trustworthiness without the need for additional software or services. We aggregate data from hundreds of threat sources and use our expertise to give overall grades. We also have consumer reviews for the websites. Consuming Tech pioneered the use of Sucuri, Unmask Parasites, VirusTotal, and URL void for such data aggregation. Consuming Tech was also the first website to create a website grading system using the aggregated data.

Consuming Tech was founded in 2011. We have graded websites since 2021. We have worked on Website Reference daily since 2021. You can contact us if you have queries or leave comments as feedback regarding your personal experiences with websites.

Consuming Tech’s editor is Mathew Diekhake. You can also view the full writing team.

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