Mac OS X

Mac OS X (or macOS as it is known these days after the name update) is Apple’s computer operating system for its Macintosh line of desktop and laptop computers. If you buy a computer that is made by Apple, it runs Mac OS X or macOS by default. Apple does not distribute this operating system outside of its own devices, so there is nothing else out there available from other companies that can run Mac OS X or macOS.

Launched in 2001, OS X was the successor to the older Mac OS classic. Mac OS X is based on UNIX and used a Mach kernel. OS X gives better memory management and has better multithreading capabilities over the older Mac OS classic.

The Mac OS X category is filled with helpful how-to, tips, and tricks to do with the Mac OS X operating system and all of its versions. In addition to the how-to’s based on its existing operating system, you’ll find helpful hints on how to use Mac applications also.

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