YouTube is one of those once in a generation type ideas that was noticed by one of the largest technology companies in Silicon Valley. That company I’m talking about is Google, and they decided to acquire YouTube for a large sum of money. The story of the sale was blogged on by TechCrunch and it was the one story that Michael Arrington says that really took TechCrunch, from being a struggling web blog to a viral site and from then on there was no looking back.

So we know Google own YouTube and Google are obviously pretty good when it comes to getting websites to load fast, so why are we experiencing slow loading times when it comes to clicking on the YouTube site? The answer seemingly lies somewhere between the way the CDN hosting works and the YouTube website itself. The way in which websites are hosted is complicated for any site large enough to get lots of traffic and for those sites to load faster. It isn’t just as simple as going to a web host and throwing down 10 dollars for the month and saying thank you — though we wish it were. So the short answer is that CDN is what large websites use to help deliver content quicker because it pings the content you see from the nearest server that is associated with your CDN plan around the world so it can be fetched faster. That is opposed to a regular hosting service where your site and content is hosted on one server and if that server should be in the United States and you are trying to view the content from Holland, you are going to get a slower speed.

YouTube and Linux

The downside with CDN services is that they aren’t always going to be great. Some problems can creep in and that tends to be what is going wrong here. The good news is that you do not have to rely on YouTube fixing the problems for you. There are ways in which you can help yourself get YouTube videos to load faster on Linux operating systems.

Making your YouTube Videos load faster using Linux operating systems

  1. Open the Terminal
  2. Type the following command “sudo iptables add reject src-ip in”.
  3. Hit the Enter button on your keyboard and then enter the Administrators password for the account.
  4. Type the following command “sudo iptables add reject src-ip in”.
  5. Press the Enter key once again on the keyboard to confirm your command.

YouTube Linux

In conclusion, that is all you have to do to make YouTube videos load faster and hopefully not buffer at all for your experience of downloading videos. The problem comes from your Internet Service Provider throttling your connection between the CDN service. By adding the commands above you are blocking the IP Addresses that are serving the throttling. The ISP does not throttle the connection from YouTube to you directly which is why we can make it work.