Google Chrome now comes with a built-in ad blocking program. The intent behind it is not to block all ads from the Web but rather just the ones that Google deems too intrusive that cause the reader’s user experience to suffer.

Ad blocking has changed the Web as we know it over the last few years. If you were a publisher, your revenue has likely nearly halved due to ad blocking scripts that people are now running.

While there are many intrusive and annoying advertisements to be found online, blocking all of them leads to those who work online no longer being able to do so because there are many costs involved in keeping a website up and running as well as maintaining one—and that’s before profits are brought into the equation.

Not only are there programs out there that can be installed to block ads, but some browsers come with these features already preinstalled and block every ad in sight. Microsoft switching from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge couldn’t have come at a better time for Google, as it has allowed Google Chrome to become the overwhelmingly favorite web browser to use in the world. This has allowed Google to continue getting revenue from ads while working on a solution that works for everybody.

Google Chrome’s ad blocker is already turned on by default for you, so there’s no need to venture into the settings and adjust anything if you want a good user experience without the intrusive ads. However, Google also makes it possible to disable Chrome’s ad blocker so you see all advertisements, including the ones that Google deems might be giving a poor user experience.

Here is what you need to enable or disable the Google Chrome ad blocker when you are using an up to date version of the Google Chrome web browser.

How to Disable/Enable Google Chrome Ad Blocker

You can disable or enable the ad blocker in Google Chrome from the Privacy and Security section of the Settings. Here is how to do that:

1. With Chrome open, click on the three-dotted Settings and More button and then click Settings from the menu.

2. Scroll down and click Advanced.

3. Under the Privacy and Security heading, click Content Settings.

4. Click on Ads. And then toggle on or off Blocked on sites that tend to show intrusive ads.

In conclusion, that is how to enable/disable the native ad blocker in Google Chrome.