You can pin tabs in Microsoft Edge. When pinned, these tabs automatically pin themselves to the far left side of the browser window. The pinned tabs also lose much of their width so you can easily distinguish them from non-pinned tabs. And of course, if you have chosen to pin a tab, Edge lets you unpin it again.

Though browsers are completely separate from operating systems, some features are likely synonymous with operating system versions. It is unlikely the pinning of tabs changes dramatically in Windows 10 from this point forward; however, pinning and unpinning could look radically different in future operating system versions. Subsequently, we have written this guide with Windows 10 in mind.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to pin and unpin tabs in Microsoft Edge when using a version of the Windows 10 operating system.

How to Pin/Unpin Tabs in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

You can pin and unpin tabs in Edge by right-clicking on the tabs themselves. Here is how to do that:

1. With Edge open, right-click on the tab you wish to pin.

2. Select Pin from the menu.

3. When you want to unpin the tab, right-click on the same tab and select Unpin.

In conclusion, that is how to pin and unpin tabs in Edge when using Windows 10.