Given the variety of computers people use nowadays, it is impossible to give an optimal viewing experience to all. As web admins, we have to make some sacrifices in an attempt to give the best overall experience possible. Of course, not every web admin feels the same way — some would prefer offering some features that are perfect while others are far from perfect — but regardless, it is commonly understood we cannot be offering perfect viewing for all things without some adjustments being made on your behalf.

The most common method for solving these imperfections is by using the zoom feature that browsers have. For example, you may prefer zooming in to view a website on a desktop at 110 or 125% rather than its default setting of 100% depending on the computer. It’s most common to zoom in further on a desktop compared to a 15-inch laptop for instance. Many 17-inch laptops have the same screen viewing experience as a desktop, so it takes trial and error on your behalf for each device you have.

The following tutorial demonstrates how to zoom in and out of webpages when using the Microsoft Edge brows

How to Zoom In/Out of Webpages in Microsoft Edge

You can adjust the zoom of webpages in Edge in the Settings and More menu. Here is how to do that:

1. With Edge open, click on the three-dotted Settings and More menu in the top-right corner of the browser window.

2. From the Settings and More menu, click on the plus and minus symbols where it says Zoom.

Note: if you prefer, you can also adjust the zoom with the Ctrl + and Ctrl – keys on the keyboard.

In conclusion, that is how to adjust the zoom in the Edge settings menu.