The domain used to be somewhat safe to download movies. Today the website doesn’t exist anymore. Most likely it was getting a lot of traffic from search engines, somebody complained about it, and then search engines chose to classify as a spam website and manually had its rankings reduced.

So, based on what I can see, many people used it and would tell me it was safe. However, based on how it lost its traffic, chances are it probably wasn’t as safe as many of its users assumed it was.

We can’t recommend sites for illegal torrents because it goes against the terms of service of our advertisement partners. But generally, you want to look for more reliable names. And there are even tools out there designed to help you understand which way a website’s traffic is trending so you can get a decent idea of which websites you can trust.

If you have visited the site before or if your computer is being redirected to the URL today, it may mean you have adware on your computer or another form of malware. You can use an antimalware tool or antiadware tool to have the viruses removed. There are several reliable programs but we recommend Spybot – Search & Destroy. It’s reliable and not as well known as some others.