If you get the “error while installing expecting value” message on Mac, it means the malware on your computer is causing some issues with the Mac operating system (macOS). We have tested it and can verify that Malwarebytes and SpyHunter remove this error message related to a corrupt malware installation on the computer.

The “error while installing expecting value” message usually appears as soon as Mac users boot up their computers. And it is thought the error exists because malware has been accidentally downloaded onto the computer but the malware itself is not developed properly, thus causing an error message. In other words, this is not an error even the malware developers/hackers themselves had hoped would appear.

This is an ironic error message which I’m surprised I don’t see more frequently. I would have assumed lots of malware creators make mistakes because they’re not yet experienced developers. I would have hoped experienced developers have better ethics.

In conclusion, the “error while installing expecting value” message is reported by Mac users and is related to malware not installing itself properly. Some reliable malware removal tools are aware of this error and have updated their antimalware definitions to remove the malware that causes it from your Mac. So you can fix this error message by running an antimalware scan. The two antimalware tools we tested are SpyHunter and Malwarebytes. Either one of those will remove it from your Mac computer and they both offer free scans so you don’t have to pay anything to have this virus removed.