The “zeus.2022 trojan detected” warning screen is a fake message designed to trick you into thinking you have malware so you click where it says “Click here” to solve the problem, which then leads to a fake antimalware product that costs money to buy.

Scams like this are common: pretend that there is a problem and then offer a solution that does a great job of solving the problem. I see this trick everywhere within my industry. The good news is you don’t have to worry about anything but getting the “zeus.2022 trojan detected” off your screen, which can be done by using a reliable and well-known antimalware tool.

Programs like the one issuing the fake trojan message can be found on Windows and Mac. We recommend Spybot – Search & Destroy for Windows and SpyHunter for Mac. Another good option is Malwarebytes which is available for Windows and Mac. Each of those antimalware tools offers you the chance to run scans for free, which is one of the reasons we recommend them.

In conclusion, the “zeus.2022 trojan detected” pop-up message is a scam. You don’t have a Trojan Horse just because this message claims you do. You shouldn’t click on the link from the pop-up to install paid antimalware. Instead, you want to remove the scam from your computer with a reliable antimalware tool that is also well known such as Spybot, SpyHunter, or Malwarebytes.