Feed.chunckapp.com is a browser hijacker primarily found on macOS/Mac OSX so far but could also be found on Windows if not today then soon.

Browser hijackers are forms of malware that will change your browser settings (hijack them) so they redirect to the chosen webpages of the malware whenever you go to open the browser, a new tab page, or use a search engine.

The primary mission of feed.chunckapp.com seems to be to set up a redirect to get people to use the search.safefinder.com search engine. It could be they are run by the same people or it could be the developers behind feed.chunckapp.com are profiting by helping the search.safefinder.com search engine get more traffic.

Often you can adjust your browser settings back to their defaults directly from your browser’s settings page. We have written how you can remove the feed.chunckapp.com redirect from Safari yourself. However, some browser hijackers can come back because there were leftover remnants on your computer which allowed it to reinstall itself the next time you turned your computer off and on. Subsequently, it’s always best to remove browser hijackers with an antimalware tool. We recommend using Malwarebytes for Mac users. And we recommend using Spybot – Search & Destroy for Windows users. There are many other antimalware tools capable of removing it and that allow you to run free scans.