There are two domains associated with 1stkissmanga: The domain and the We don’t know if they are both owned by the same company or if one of them is a spin-off. Both of them are a popular version of the 1stkissmanga site.


Some of our peers suggest that 1stkissmanga is known to deploy malware. In particular that they have seen rogue software from this domain. So we have inspected this site further based on those allegations and yet we still can’t find anything that would suggest this site is unsafe. It displays advertisements from Google. It uses push notifications, and while annoying, there’s nothing about them that is unsafe. Many large tech companies use push notifications; even Facebook and Google themselves.

We did not find any malware when visiting the or domains. So you can browse those sites safely. However, that doesn’t mean the content you view on the website is necessarily legal. The manga displayed on 1stkissmanga could infringe copyright laws, so be careful in that regard.

Also, we found the domain to load slowly during out time of visit. This could be because the website itself is not developed as well as it might have been. In today’s day and age, this is somewhat of a red flag. But it doesn’t mean the site is unsafe; it is a suggestion that those who own the domain aren’t highly skilled at developing which could lead to potential problems regarding malware from third-party services they use. But this is just a warning sign and not a suggestion that there is any malware coming from third-party sources being used on the 1stkissmanga domain. If you don’t mind waiting for the webpages to load, we don’t see any problem using the domain today.

Checking 1stkissmanga with SpyBot Search & Destroy

If you think that after you visited the 1stkissmanga domain, you have come up with some rogue software on your computer as some other sites have suggested might be a possibility, you can run an antimalware scan with SpyBot Search & Destroy. We have been using SpyBot Search & Destroy for over a decade because it’s terrific at finding anything — and I mean anything — on your computer that may be adware. And with a site like 1stkissmanga, the malware you are most likely to find is going to be related to adware. This could be anything from spyware to rogue software redirects. If you do notice being redirected to another domain, regardless of rogue software or any type of malware on that new webpage you have been redirected to, you ought to run a scan with SpyBot Search & Destroy to remove the redirect that is hijacking your browser.

Download: Spybot Search and Destroy for Windows

In conclusion, we think and are safe enough to visit today, as we did not notice any malware during our extensive visit. But be careful of similar domain names that are not owned by the same people. And if you notice your browser redirecting, run the antimalware scan with SpyBot Search & Destroy.