The Mainsearchsignal app has been identified as adware by malware experts. Many people don’t like ads. Thankfully most aren’t aware of what adware is. Arguably the most exploitative form of malware in existence, adware will attach itself to your browser and follow you around wherever you surf the Web. Though it’s almost unthinkable, Wikipedia pages are suggesting that adware has a right to exist because developers deserve to make some revenue back on their work. But no one who ever developed adware actually thinks they have the right to attach malicious files onto people’s computers that follow them around and violate their every moment until they become wise enough to understand how to finally remove them.

Sadly many people may go months or even years before understanding they have adware following them around to every website they visit—no one wonder so many people don’t like ads! Since adware is so common, it can often be removed from a computer by removing its extension from the browser Settings. Nevertheless, it’s still recommended that you run an antivirus scan on your PC to ensure there are no leftover remnants that will allow the adware to come back, which adware is certainly notorious for doing.

Method One: How to Get Rid of Mainsearchsignal Chrome Extension

As mentioned, you often can get rid of adware by removing its extension since it is little more than a browser extension inserting the adware most of the time. In order to do that, you would not only need to know where the browser extensions are stored but also which browser extensions may be the culprit of the malware. Typically you will notice the malware extensions immediately—it may have a similar name to Mainsearchsignal or it will be a name you don’t recall installing. Here is how to find the Mainsearchsignal browser extension:

1. With Chrome open, click on the vertical three dotted Settings and More menu.

2. From the Settings menu, click on More Tools > Extensions.

3. Toggle off the Skilled Marketing extension and click on the Remove button.

Method Two: How to Get Rid of Mainsearchsignal with AdwCleaner

The best third-party tool for removing common adware infections is AdwCleaner. We have been using this tool for over a decade and knew of it well before it was acquired by Malwarebytes. It used to rank well in Google search results, and I’m glad it did because it never once failed to remove my adware infections, which, at the time, were quite common as I has begun delving into the world of online torrents. Presumably, Malwarebytes bought AdwCleaner because they were as fascinated as I was and wanted to know how it managed to perform so well at removing adware programs. The quality of scan results didn’t diminish after Malwarebytes bought them out either; it’s still the same old trusted tool. To remove the Mainsearchsignal adware with AdwCleaner, download the AdwCleaner app, open it, and then click on the Start Scan button. Wait for the scan to complete and then follow the prompts to reboot the computer which is something it needs to do before the malware is removed. Upon restarting the computer, AdwCleaner will give you the list of results and what it has done to your computer.

AdwCleaner 8.3.2

Download: AdwCleaner (Antiadware Tool)

Method Three: How to Get Rid of Mainsearchsignal with SpyBot Search & Destroy

If you want an all-in-one comprehensive scan that includes scans for adware and spyware, you ought to try SpyBot Search & Destroy. In many respects, it reminds me a lot of AdwCleaner before it was acquired by Malwarebytes: the UI isn’t as modern as some might assume it should be but it has charm and it’s the results of the scan that counts. And the results won’t let you down. SpyBot Search & Destroy will scan your computer for so many potential threats that you need to pay close attention during the scan results so it doesn’t remove some items that perhaps you knew about and wish to keep. As far as removing the adware goes, it will certainly find it just as reliably as AdwCleaner most of the time.

SpyBot Search & Destroy 2.9

Download: Spybot Search and Destroy for Windows

There are also several alternative adware removal tools you can use.

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