Malware attacks have risen lots since the beginning of the pandemic. And as we switch to the hybrid work from home/office routine for the forseeable future, one can only assume that these malware attacks are not going away. It’s one of the reasons we have started covering so many malware removal tutorials recently, as we dislike malware as much as anyone because we know how much it hinders the web surfing experience of those who aren’t tech savvy enough to identify it. We know because we were once the people suffering from it.

One of the most common malware infections a computer can have is adware. This is because it has a reputation for not being serious malware while at the same time gives developers the chance to profit from it. You can even find Wikipedia articles that suggest adware shouldn’t be known as malware because developers deserve to bundle it into files since they provide those files for free. Anyway, adware is not something you ever want on your computer — trust us — so let’s work out how to best remove it.


We have been using AdwCleaner for decades. We not only knew of it before it was acquired by Malwarebytes but used it regularly as our go-to adware removal tool. Thus we are still partial to it. But since it’s now owned by Malwarebytes, it’s also time to start trying to find good new independent antimalware alternatives.


Adware Removal Tool by Tech Support All

We have added the Adware Removal Tool by Tech Support All to the list for 2022 because we have read so many good things about it. After trying it out for a month ourselves, we are intrigued with what it can do. It did manage to detect potential adware that other programs didn’t. And it gives you a quick link to reset your browser, which in itself can be a useful method for removing adware files from a browser.


Spybot – Search & Destroy

Spybot – Search & Destroy is the first adware removal tool to become available online. Suffice to say, these guys not only have a passion for finding and removing adware but know what they’re looking for as well. Spybot – Search & Destroy has that independent charm AdwCleaner had before it was acquired by Malwarebytes. But it’s clear why it didn’t get as much success as an adware cleaning tool such as AdwCleaner: since this is looking for all types of malware and not just adware, the scans take longer. That’s not ideal for those who want to clean their adware infection as soon as possible so they can go back to surfing the web. But its ability to remove adware is just as good.

Spybot – Search & Destroy focusses on being one of the best Spyware tools, meaning it takes pride in identifying the adware that collects a user’s activities without consent. When some people hear the term “Spyware” they assume that it’s not related to adware. But if Spybot – Search & Destroy is a Spyware specialist, we would assume that means it’s going to also be really good at identifying general adware infections.


Emsisoft Emergency Kit

The Emsisoft Emergency Kit can remove adware along with other viruses. Emsisoft calls this an emergency kit because it’s designed to be a program that helps you remove viruses and malware from your computer after they have already gotten onto it. This is different from most other programs that want to ensure stays on your computer and provides real-time protection. Some people like the real-time protections; others just want a lightweight program that they know they can install when the time comes. And since Windows now offers real-time protection for free anyway, many people enjoy heading for the Emsisoft Emergency Kit when they spot adware. We found the Emsisoft Emergency Kit to be very lightweight, which is what we want in a program like this.


Malicious Software Removal Tool

Windows comes with the Malicious Software Removal Tool by default. It can also be downloaded from Microsoft if you can’t find it on your computer. The Malicious Software Removal Tool isn’t comparable in its effectiveness to real third-party solutions today, but it works well in conjunction with others.

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In conclusion, those are the best adware removal programs for the year 2022 so far. Note that the apps are not necessarily in order of best to worst, and we will update the guide as the year goes on if more programs appeal to us.