I keep getting Web notifications from the domain poisism.com, but when I visit the domain there is nothing there to unsubscribe from. What is poisism.com and how do I remove its notifications? Resolution:

Some malware experts have identified the poisism.com as a domain that displays unwanted push notifications designed to trick you into subscribing. This common trick among domains is known as browser hijacking because since you didn’t knowingly choose to sign up for the newsletter, it has hijacked your browser to redirect to the domain associated with the push notifications.

When I visit the poisism.com domain today, it seems to be down. This could be temporary but since it has become known as a spam domain, chances are the domain is down permanently. That being said, it’s still possible to unsubscribe to these push notifications from your browser rather than the website. The way you unsubscribe would depend on your browser. For Google Chrome users, you would head to Settings > Privacy and Security > Site Settings > Permissions and then select your notifications of choice.