AuraSearchTab is adware and a browser hijacker. You might have one or both of these forms of malware on your computer. Most people get the AuraSearchTab adware/browser hijacker on Mac which means you need an antimalware removal tool for Mac.

If you have the AuraSearchTab adware on your computer, it means you have advertisements being injected from the browser that follows you around to all the websites you visit. Sometimes the adware will even block the ads you would have seen on the websites you visit and it will replace them with its own overlay of ads that are usually of much lower quality. The AuraSearchTab browser hijacker will either change your default search engine or a new tab page in the browser.

One of our competitors, PC Risk, suggests this malware tries to install Adobe Flash. We aren’t sure how reliable that info is, but if you see any Adobe Flash pop-ups you didn’t try to install yourself, make sure you don’t accept them. The way malware gets on your computer is usually when you download things and the malware can be compiled in with other programs so you don’t notice it. Other times, the adware may try to get you to download things because it profits when it gets you to download a program from the internet.

AuraSearchTab Removal

You can remove the AuraSearchTab browser hijacker and adware with a reliable antimalware tool such as Malwarebytes for Mac. There are not currently any reliable adware removal tools for Mac we would recommend. And Malwarebytes antimalware can remove adware anyway.

You can download the latest Malwarebytes version for Mac from the link below.

Malwarebytes 4.5.19

Download: Malwarebytes for Mac