Mp3fyMany people are complaining about being a suspicious website. Tomas Meskauskas of PCRisk suggests you shouldn’t visit this site because it is a copyright-infringing site and may harm your website.

Music copyright infringement isn’t our area of expertise. Some people may also be willing to breach copyrights and may be more concerned with how safe the site is to use. We can assess this website concerning how safe it is to use.

For starters, we can see that gets hundreds of thousands of monthly views. It has also been getting that traffic for at least 7 years now. At one point, was one of the most trafficked sites in the world, but Google put an end to that around the beginning of this year. But nothing suggests that Google dislikes this site even though its traffic did drop a lot. It is still getting a lot of traffic from Google compared to what the average website would. So that suggests that Google does not consider a spammy domain. It also suggests does offer something of value to Google Search.

My assessment is that is a reliable MP3 converter. I would be willing to use this website myself. Sometimes a domain like this can be said to show untrustworthy ads but ads come from ad networks for the most part and the domain owner usually swaps networks after noticing such issues. Thus noticing untrustworthy ads for a brief time isn’t enough information to go on before judging a domain. clearly does something well for Google to like it for 7 years in a row. 7 years is much longer than Google needs to decide whether or not it will allow the domain in Google Search and if it considers the domain to be of little value. Google views it as valuable. And it views it as valuable because it converts MP3 files reliably.

A domain being safe to use and your computer browser being redirected to a domain are different things. Some people suggest participates in browser hijacking software. If you notice your computer automatically being redirected to the domain, then you obviously want to remove that redirect. You can remove browser hijackers with AdwCleaner or Spybot Search & Destroy. If does have a browser hijacker, it’s not a given that the domain owner is the person responsible for the hijacker. We often see hijackers for Bing or Yahoo that are not set up by Bing or Yahoo. So don’t assume just because you see a hijacker associated in some way with a domain that it means the domain itself isn’t trustworthy. Additionally, if were to get traffic from browser hijackers, it doesn’t mean it gets all its traffic from such tricks. We can see the domain gets hundreds of thousands of views per month directly from Google which means Google likes it.

In conclusion, if you are being redirected to the domain it means you have a browser hijacker installed which can be removed from the browser settings and with a reliable anti-malware tool. If you are just visiting the domain yourself, it does seem like a reliable MP3 converter tool.

Do you have experience with using for MP3 conversions? Let us know in the comments.