There is a new email scam from Geek Squad that claims to have charged your bank account money for a subscription. Naturally, you’re supposed to be very surprised by this because you didn’t want to pay for any subscription. The next thing you see on the scam is a phone number to call. This is where the scam begins. Do not call that phone number.

What the fake Geek Squad email wants you to do is call the phone number so it can then get your phone number at the very least. But they also may try to get more information from you when you’re on the phone with them, just as you would expect from a phishing scam.

Many people fall victim to this Geek Squad scam email. However, those at higher risk are the ones who actually have a Geek Squad subscription that may have been renewed. There are numerous phone numbers associated with this Geek Squad email scam. Chances are none of them are real and it will be a computer program that picks them up. And somewhere down the track a human will listen in to any of the recordings the computers managed to get.

In conclusion, the Geek Squad scam email doesn’t come from the real Geek Squad. You should be able to tell because the fake email address doesn’t match up with the real Geek Squad email. And the goal of the scam is to get you to call the phone number. You don’t need to call the number; your bank account hasn’t been billed. You can double-check this by getting in touch with your bank or logging in to your online banking account.