The latest Windows 10 update, version 20H2, shows a new notification in the Action Center for helping make online speech recognition better. If you like, you can click on the button to navigate through to the online speech recognition part of the Settings app where you can choose to opt-in and “Start contributing to my voice clips.”

Microsoft is now giving you the option of contributing to Microsoft’s online speech recognition program, with the hopes that over time, the more people that agree to allow Microsoft to use their voices, the better the chances of Microsoft being able to offer better voice recognition software for all languages and accents right around the world.

You will notice the “Help make online speech recognition better” flyout from the Action Center as soon as you start your computer when running on Windows 10 version 20H2. It appears as follows:

Help make online speech recognition better flyout from Action Center

By clicking on the Go to Settings button in the flyout, it will direct you through to the Online speech recognition part of the Settings app where you can then find the toggle for turning the online speech recognition on and off.

Windows 10 Settings: Speech, Online speech recognition

From the same area in the Settings app, you will also find the button to start contributing my voice clips, which is what you need to tap on if you would like to start contributing to help Microsoft better understand people’s voices.

Windows 10 Settings: Speech, Start contributing my voice clips
Windows 10 Settings: Speech, Stop contributing my voice clips

To find where the online speech recognition settings are within the Settings app, navigate to Settings > Privacy > Speech > Online speech recognition.

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