Starting from Windows 10 Build 21313, Microsoft is expanding news and interests to be more widely available for different languages and markets. This means the news and interests available from the taskbar will be more broadly distributed to international languages.

Up until now, the news and interests from the taskbar was only available in United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, and India. Thanks to the successful trial, Microsoft is now adopting the news content, weather forecasts, sports and finance updates will be updated for every country around the world.

Here is how the news for everyone around the world will work, according to Microsoft:

News and interests will automatically detect your language and location, and deliver a localized experience consisting of content from local publishers and data providers.

Additionally, the IME candidate window design is getting an update to a more modern design. Here is what the previous IME design looked like:

And here is what the updated IME looks like:

The new UI design is available for the following languages/keyboards:

    • Japanese – Microsoft IME
    • Chinese (Simplified) – Microsoft Pinyin
    • Chinese (Simplified) – Microsoft Wubi
    • Chinese (Traditional) – Microsoft Bopomofo
    • Chinese (Traditional) – Microsoft ChangJie
    • Chinese (Traditional) – Microsoft Quick
    • Korean – Microsoft IME
  • Hindi – Hindi Phonetic
  • Bangla – Bangla Phonetic
  • Marathi – Marathi Phonetic
  • Telugu – Telugu Phonetic
  • Tamil – Tamil Phonetic
  • Kannada – Kannada Phonetic
  • Malayalam – Malayalam Phonetic
  • Gujarati – Gujarati Phonetic
  • Odia – Odia Phonetic
  • Punjabi – Punjabi Phonetic

The new IME design is rolling out to Windows Insiders subscribed to the Dev channel first, just to make sure that all problems are solved before its eventual release on official Windows builds.

Via: Announcing Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 21313

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