In a coming Windows 10 update, you are about to find Microsoft Office icons available at the bottom of the Windows 10 Mail app. This will help make it easier for some people to get directed to the Office apps they wish to use, as well as give them quicker access when they’re already using the Mail app.

The new Office icon will be located along the left side of the Mail app. Aggiornamenti Lumia has given a video example on his Twitter profile, which can be seen below, and his example does look nice; however, there is no mail in his inbox and his menu is collapsed using the hamburger icon at the top of the Mail app. If the hamburger icon were to be clicked to open the menu, which we presume is how most people use the app, it may begin to look overly cluttered.

Microsoft Office icons are coming to the bottom of your mail app in a future version of Windows 10.

How most people use the Mail app’s existing menu is not data we have. But one of the advantages the Mail app offers is the chance to have several email accounts connected to the one place. Those who do have more than one email connected to the Mail app will likely only know the Mail app left menu one way, which is with it expanded already. That way they’re able to click to the next email account uninterrupted.

It’s an interesting move and perhaps a little premature. If you give people icons in too many places, some will get confused and assume that that is the only way to open the Office applications. We still think that for a little while yet it would be best to keep the icons in the one place so people can become familiar with that one place. On the other hand, for others, this is sure to be a production booster, and it may even result in people using Office more, which would be to Microsoft’s delight.

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