Yet another major Control Panel applet has been replaced in Windows 10, this time the Disk Management Tool. Starting from Windows 10 build 20175, you can find the equivalent of what the Disk Management Tool was offering from the Settings app.

For a long time those who have covered Windows news have speculated that Microsoft seems to be moving toward removing all Control Panel applets because they eventually want everything available from the Settings app. Today’s change in the Disk Management Tool brings that one step closer to being a reality.

It still might be that not everything will end up in the Settings app. We’ve always thought that the Settings may get too cluttered if you were to put everything in there, and that perhaps some of the more advanced features would be better off in the traditional Control Panel while the Settings app be more suitable for the layperson. But there is a lot of evidence now that every classic tool that gets updated to its more modern self does end up heading to the Settings app rather than back in the Control Panel.

While there is no direct replacement for the Disk Management Tool in the Settings, you can find many of its most useful features such as the ability to change the drive letter, renaming the drive, and resizing the drive under the “Manage Disks and Volumes” heading from the Settings app.

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