In June of 2019, Microsoft representatives announced a new open source Windows Terminal application, called Windows Terminal, that was meant to supersede the old Command Prompt in Windows that had become outdated and lacked features people had been requesting for a long time.

Since it’s announcement, there has been little talk of the new Terminal app, but now we have the official launch and release of Windows Terminal by Microsoft, so you can expect a lot more people switching from the old command line very soon.

Screenshot shows you can have numerous command line windows open at the same time, including for different operating systems.

Once your computer has received the Windows 10 version 18362.0 update, you can install the Windows Terminal if you like. Doing so means you will have the chance to use numerous command line applications, including command lines from different operating systems like Linux, and the opportunity to use numerous tabs.

In addition to being able to use multiple operating systems, you can also choose between Windows Powershell and the traditional Command Prompt app from the same Windows Terminal app, which makes things a bit easier by not having to search for each app and open them separately.

Heaps of developers have been looking forward to the release of the Windows Terminal app. It’s such a big deal that Microsoft is actually launching a preview channel so enthusiasts can watch Microsoft test and showcase new features, as well as offer you more clarity on how to use them. One of the reasons companies often hold back on features that some people would find useful is that they may be perceived as too complicated for everyone. Hopefully the additional tutorials from Microsoft means that won’t be the case here with Windows Terminal.

Windows Terminal couldn’t have come at a better time. While Windows itself has never been used by more people, it’s also true that interest in other operating systems like Linux has never been so high either. Many Linux fans will appreciate the integration and it may even turn into a positive thing for Microsoft. Either way, as users, we should be pleased these companies can act as friends and not always think about money first.

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