What is still the most iconic wallpaper of all time for Microsoft Windows — Bliss from Windows XP — has seen many spinoffs over the years. What a lot of Windows enthusiasts may not know however is that Microsoft was set to release two offsets of the famous Bliss wallpaper in Windows 7 build 6022 but the plan was scrapped due to the discontinuation on May 17th, 2020.

These zoomed Bliss wallpapers are beautiful. You never had fine detail of the grass in the official Bliss wallpaper. If you have seen detailed grass, it was probably from other photos of the same hill, of which there have been many ever since the original Bliss wallpaper became so popular. But these two wallpapers still show the iconic Bliss hills while managing to zoom in substantially and get very close to the detailed grass.

Though we have been using Windows since Windows 95, it was really Windows XP that was the first operating system we got to know as Windows professionals. And we have particularly fond memories of the Bliss wallpaper. So for us, this was an interesting bit of nostalgia.

Thanks to GMM on Twitter for sharing the images.

Via: GMM11034827

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