Windows Terminal Preview release 6.1 is now out. This release comes with the new Settings interface which steals its design from the modern Windows 10 Settings app.

While the new Windows Terminal Settings UI is still in its alpha stages, the full Settings experience is available. The part that makes this an alpha release is the fact that clicking on the Settings menu won’t actually direct you through to these new settings yet. Instead, you will have to add an action to your settings.json file in order to open it with either the command palette or your keyboard.

To bind the settings UI to Ctrl + Shift + ,, add the following to your actions array (or keybindings if you have an older version of the settings file):

{ "command": { "action": "openSettings", "target": "settingsUI" }, "keys": "ctrl+shift+," },

For your convenience, changes to the settings you make are automatically backed up to the settings.json file.

The terminal will now display a progress indicator in the tab and taskbar whenever an OSC 9;4 sequence is received. Visit GitHub for more information: [Scenario] Progress Bar Follow-ups #6700

As a new experimental feature, you can now use HLSL pixel shaders inside your profile.

"experimental.pixelShaderPath": "C:\\temp\\invert.hlsl"

More new actions

Scroll to the top and bottom of history:

{ "command": "scrollToTop", "keys": "ctrl+shift+home" },

{ "command": "scrollToBottom", "keys": "ctrl+shift+end" }

Focus on most recently used pane:

{ "command": { "action": "moveFocus", "direction": "previous" }, "keys": "ctrl+alt+left" }

Move tabs:

{ "command": { "action": "moveTab", "direction": "backward" }, "keys": "" },

{ "command": { "action": "moveTab", "direction": "forward" }, "keys": "" }

Fore more new features, you can check Windows Terminal Preview 1.6 Release.

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