The next iteration of Windows PowerShell, PowerShell 7.1, is now available to download.

PowerShell is the most powerful command-line tool Windows 10 has to offer. It was developed as a separate tool to the older CMD command line because of its extra ability to use commands known as cmdlets. These cmdlets are exclusive to PowerShell and will not execute from the traditional Command Prompt application.

Casual Windows 10 users may solely know of the CMD command line because it still is capable of executing many commands in its own right, but PowerShell has a robust network — mainly system administrators — who use it for anything from managing the registry to WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).

PowerShell is now often updated to coincide with the release of .NET framework. PowerShell 7.1 was released roughly the same time as .NET 5.0, which we wrote about recently.

Changes you will find in PowerShell 7.1

Here is a list of some of the changes you can expect to find after installing PowerShell 7.1 on your machine:

  • PowerShellGet 3.0
  • PSScriptAnalyzer
  • Secret Management Module
  • PowerShell Jupyter Kernel improvements
  • platyPS vNext improvements

You can download PowerShell 7.1 from the links below.

Download PowerShell 7.1

Please visit the links below to download Windows PowerShell 7.1 for your operating system and operating system version.

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