Microsoft is rumored to be testing desktop widgets for Microsoft Edge. You would be able to search from Bing or type a direct URL into the search box, as well as view information on the widgets without having clicked on them yet.

The addition of desktop widgets that are purely related to the Edge browser would help give Edge an advantage over Google Chrome.

Microsoft Edge desktop widget
The Microsoft Edge desktop widget wouldn’t always be on your desktop. Instead, you would need to activate it by clicking on an always-on-top floating icon.

The Edge desktop widget wouldn’t always take up space on your desktop; rather, it would be activated after clicking on an always-on-top floating icon, even when the browser is closed.

Microsoft used to have the world’s most popular web browser in Internet Explorer. As soon as Microsoft developed Edge to take its place, Google Chrome took the lead for most users, and it has never looked back since.

In many respects, it could be lucky that Google did control the main web browser people use because their main business is advertising. Therefore, they would likely be the company that focuses on the user experience above all else because it’s so critical to their success as a company.

Having said that, it would be even better if traffic were shared between browsers so there was no outright monopoly over the browser market.

Via: MSPoweruser

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