The Microsoft Edge web browser has now available on official Windows 10 builds the option to sync the browser history and open tabs from its Settings menu. The ability to sync history and open tabs have been features for Microsoft Edge Insiders for a while now but have just made their way onto official Windows 10 builds for everyone.

The option to sync browser history and open tabs has been available to Edge Insiders running Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev channels since November 2020. Now many users are finding the sync features available on official builds, but it is presumed to be a controlled rollout strategy, so not all computers may have it available just yet.

Being able to sync the browser history and open tabs has long been a desired feature for many Microsoft Edge users, so this is a welcomed day for many. Edge now has an extensive repertoire of syncing features that make it as feature-rich as the competition.

Both the history and open tabs sync are not features that are enabled by default even though they are available on your browser. Instead, you need to open the Settings, click on “Profiles,” and then from the right side of the same window click on “Sync.”

Microsoft Edge: Settings > Profile > Sync
Microsoft Edge Sync: History and Open tabs toggles

Browser history and open tabs sync are not turned on by default so you don’t get a fright, but you may wish to venture into the Settings menu and turn them on straight away.

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