Thunderbird 78 has been updated to 78.0.1. Thunderbird 87 had four beta versions that already resulted in any improvements being made, but version 78.0.1 comes with 11 new fixes that make it better than the initial Thunderbird 78 release.

Thunderbird 78 doesn’t support classic XUL add-ons like its predecessors did, but you do get some additional features coming to you natively in its place, such as the ability to minimize the Thunderbird email client to the notification area.

The new features and improvements are as follows:

New Features:

  • OpenPGP: Key revocation, extending key expiration, and secret key backup


  • Drag & Drop multiple attachments to macOS Finder created duplicate files
  • Faceted search date and relevance settings not saved
  • FileLink attachments included as a link and file when added from a network drive via drag & drop
  • About Thunderbird dialog keyboard shortcuts did not work
  • CC’d recipients sometimes displayed collapsed in header pane
  • Incremental search in contacts sidebar did not always display local results when an LDAP server was also in use
  • Contacts sidebar search results cleared after removing a contact
  • OpenPGP: Messages with long Armor Header lines did not display
  • OpenPGP: Messages containing non-UTF-8 text were not supported
  • Various UI and theming fixes
  • Chat: Participants list did not display operator flags

The Firefox browser will automatically update itself in the background when it’s closed. If the browser is open and you want to update it, you can navigate to the Settings > Help > About Firefox, and then the browser will automatically check for any new updates.

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