Starting from Microsoft Edge Canary build 89.0.757.0, there is now a clickable search bar available in the toolbar at the top of the browser when you are viewing PDF files. This means that the default PDF viewer that comes with Edge now has another cool new feature.

Microsoft Edge comes with a PDF viewer built in to it, meaning you don’t have to download anything from Adobe just to open a PDF file. That’s sure to come in handy for many people who don’t like downloading a bunch of additional things as well as for those who struggle with the technical knowledge to know how to download such readers. The default Edge PDF viewer is a pretty good one too: you get a toolbar at the top of the viewer that has lots of features for those who like clickable icons instead of keyboard shortcuts.

Up until now, you could always press the Ctrl + F keys on your keyboard to begin searching, but now since it is such a useful feature, Microsoft Edge developers have put a dedicated Search icon as part of the toolbar. When you click on the search bar, it opens up with a nice and obvious place for you to begin your searches.

Microsoft Edge Canary 89.0.757.0: PDF search icon Microsoft Edge Canary 89.0.757.0: PDF search bar

Keep in mind that this new search bar feature is only available in the Edge Insider builds at the moment which means this may not make it to the official Edge builds.

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