The Vivaldi web browser has been updated to version 2.11. This version of the browser comes with the added ability to more easily pop-out videos independently of the webpages on which you have found them. Other features include the chance to match the operating system’s theme (light or dark modes) easier, and quicker general navigation around the browser.

The biggest feature upgrade from Vivaldi 2.10 to 2.11 is undoubtedly the opportunity to watch pop-out videos in an entirely separate window from all else that’s been adjusted to be simpler for end-users. Vivaldi’s pop-out video has been around for a while (if interested, you can check out how to use it here: Pop Out Video – Vivaldi).

Vivaldi 2.11

But the option to pop-out videos in new windows is just released. Vivaldi decided to expand on the original idea of the pop-out video due to positive user feedback, according to their official blog. The main difference between the original version and this version is that launching the new window will no longer be hidden behind menus, and it won’t require any additional clicks.

In addition to the more efficient pop-out videos, Vivaldi now changes its default theme to match the operating system’s light or dark mode settings. The changing of themes isn’t a new idea; we watched Microsoft initially release Windows 10 with automatically matching colors to go with the wallpapers that were chosen. However, as time passed, Microsoft backed away from its intent to match color, instead opting to allow users to choose their own.

There is a difference between the idea Microsoft had proposed and this one, though. Vivaldi’s choice to match the light and dark mode makes a lot more sense, and will likely be a feature users appreciate. It means that if you are using Windows 10 or macOS in a dark mode, then Vivaldi will automatically adjust its browser, when you open it, to match the dark mode as well.

Changelog from 2.10 to 2.11


• [New][Media] Implement picture-in-picture (pop-out video) button on every video (VB-62563)
• [New][Keyboard][Accessibility] Add F6/Shift+F6 focus handling: Allows moving focus between a few UI elements and active pages (VB-61108)
• [New][Themes] Follow OS Dark/Light mode by default (VB-62703)
• [New][Windows][Installer] Installation should be in the native language (VB-1627)

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