Microsoft Edge Insiders are receiving a new Downloads flyout which aims to give you much more options for your downloaded files.

Downloading files has always been one of the more difficult things to cover in a tutorial because each browser can download its files differently. For those using Chrome, downloading has for a long time now simply meant you would see the direct download appear at the bottom of the browser window and you could click on that download once it was complete to open its location.

If this new Downloads flyout makes it to official Edge builds soon, it will be the most extensive menu for downloading ever to come to a browser. We think it looks great, and hope more features like this do become available from browsers.

The screenshots below show you how the new Downloads flyout works:

You can turn on the “Show downloads button” toggle and then choose to “Show in toolbar” which will pin it to the toolbar.

You can save, pause, and resume the downloads directly from the Downloads flyout menu.

You also get a new right-click menu for the Downloads flyout.

And here is an example of the pinned panel.

According to Leo on his Reddit thread, he found this new flyout on the canary version, though other people could potentially have it on the developer’s version if it is a controlled rollout.

We hope to see this become an official feature of future Edge updates. There are two things likely preventing that right now: Microsoft needs to be careful it doesn’t overcomplicate things for the average computer user and it doesn’t want to unnecessarily slow down the browser or create bugs, both of which are things that inevitably happen when you add more features.

Via: Leo on Reddit

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