Samsung and Microsoft have been working together to allow users of the Your Phone app to be able to resize and use multiple apps when streaming them onto a computer running on Windows 10.

As our lives become increasingly busy, it would only make sense that we would want to begin using multiple apps when streaming from Samsung’s Your Phone app on Windows 10.

When this new version of the Your Phone app launches, it will support scaling and resizing. When you can resize the apps, it gives you more control over how much content is viewed at once as well as the chance to change the priority of what you can see—for example, you could enlarge your food menu (which is also pictured) and then still have your messaging app open in the background which is the  lesser of the two apps of importance currently being streamed to the desktop.

Since people use a range of smartphone brands, some may be wondering where is the support for their manufacturer? Microsoft has been working with Samsung on this job because Samsung has a very large userbase. If all goes well, you can expect Microsoft to start devoting more time to get more manufacturers connected with the same features. Before that will happen though, it will take some demand to be there, so you may want to voice your opinion to your manufacturers over social media if this is a feature you’d like to see become available.

Another reason Samsung has been a pioneer of this feature is because of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which is one of the new devices that comes with two displays. It is assumed as well that those with more than one display will be the people most likely interested in being able to open multiple apps when streamed to Windows.

Via: Microsoft employee Vishnu Nath on Twitter

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