You can now use the Windows Package Manager (winget) to uninstall applications. The ability to import, export, and uninstall are all features rolling out in the next preview update.

The Windows Package Manager (also known as winget) is a free and open-source package manager designed for Microsoft Windows 10. It consists of a command-line utility and a set of services for installing applications. ISVs can use it as a distribution channel for their software packages.

The uninstall option for winget will become available in the next preview build. This will allow developers to quickly remove any application. Microsoft has already been working on the ability to uninstall winget apps but it needs further testing.

Demitrius Nelon is one of the Microsoft employees working on this project. You can find him on Twitter.

You can check out winget from the GitHub desktop app. Those signed up to the Package Manager Insider program will already have the latest version by default.

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