Meet RedGIFs: The site where Reddit meets animated GIFs. Reddit gets many users reading its content for a bevy of subjects that can be anything from motorsports to technology. But it’s also a site that allows adult content unlike the other social media giants like Facebook (technically Twitter does allow adult stuff but it’s not really the right kind of platform to make use of it). This is where RedGIFs come into play.

RedGIFs Discord

What is RedGIFs

RedGIF is a website for adult GIFs. Years ago, there was a website called Vine. It was an instant hit that allowed people to upload videos seven seconds or less in length. But it shut down because even though the company was only allowing seven-second videos, it wasn’t able to monetize the platform (in other words, due to the large servers required to host the videos, Vine’s owners couldn’t make it profitable).

But Vine was a great website. And the only real competition it has had since is TikTok. RedGIFs is similar to Vine in that it only allows short video clips in the form of GIFs, which help keep the running costs down for its founders as well as its viewers. But undoubtedly, many people will enjoy watching GIFs instead of videos as well.

RedGIFs is a unique idea. And it doesn’t surprise us that it has taken off and become very popular. RedGIFs has creators who enjoy getting as many views to their GIFs as possible and try to make their content go as viral as they can.

Is RedGIFs safe

RedGIFs is as safe as any other adult website. Often these adult sites aren’t allowed to sign up with the same advertising agencies, as say, a tech blog, but that doesn’t mean they’re not safe to use necessarily. When we browse RedGIF from smartphone and desktop and with various different browsers, we don’t notice anything suspcious that would make us think it wasn’t safe to use. And we can see that it’s a popular website used by millions of people, which certainly suggests it’s safe.

How to Download RedGIFs Videos

There is no way to download RedGIFs videos from its website. There is a Copy link beneath the animated GIFs that allows you to copy the links to the videos. You can paste these links in things like your Google Chat windows to others friends, but it won’t download the video; rather it will open the RedGIFs website to show the GIFs. There are some third-party sites that claim to allow the downloading of RedGIF; however, this is not something we can openly promote since RedGIF itself clearly doesn’t want its users to download the files (or else they would offer it).

How to Delete RedGIFs Account

You can delete your RedGIFs account by contacting the RedGIFs website at the following email address: It is quite common for services to not allow users to automatically delete an account. But if you email them at the said address, they will be willing to delete your account for you.

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