Terraria is a vast game filled with near-endless possibilities. When games have so much depth, you can also come across the occasional error.

Fix: Unknown Error Terraria Character

Some gamers are experiencing an unknown error when playing Terraria. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done as this error is likely due to the server going down for a brief time. Only the administrators of games are in control of the game’s servers, so regular gamers need to wait until the server is online again.

Your Terraria character may have become corrupted. This corruption within games is common in many online games. You can find a backup of your Terraria character stored on your PC, usually under: \Documents\My Games\Terraria. So, for instance, if you use Windows, navigate to Start > File Explorer and click the following folders: \Documents\My Games\Terraria.

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Terraria Spirit Mod Unknown Mod Browser Error/Terraria Tmodloader Error Unknown Modbrowser Error Try Again Later

When you play the Terraria games via the desktop, sometimes your server and browser may let you down. If that happens, you should close the browser and open it again. You can also check for browser updates to make sure you are using the latest version of the browser. For Chrome users, that means navigating to Settings and More > Settings > About Chrome and the browser will automatically check for updates.

Often these “try again later” errors can be solved simply by exiting the desktop or console and then reopening it. However, sometimes games have bugs and need updating by the developers. You can try continuing to play the games, but there won’t be a permanent solution until the developers associated with the game update the code.

Your Browser Choice Matters

We recommend gaming on the desktop via the Chrome browser. The Edge browser is also reliable as is the Firefox browser. But Chrome is still the browser you can trust the most for an uninterrupted gaming experience.

Other Frequently Asked Terraria Questions:

Is Terraria Cross Platform

Unfortunately, you cannot play Terraria across gaming console platforms. This means it is not cross platform between consoles such as Xbox and PlayStation. The good news is, however, that Terraria is cross platform between smartphone operating systems such as Android and iOS. Sources claim the reason for this is because the hardware is similar enough to allow it, though we aren’t sure how accurate that is.

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How to Make a Bed in Terraria

In Terraria, you need to use your bed to create spawn points. You can make a bed in Terraria with five crafting stations: work bench, furnace, anvil, sawmill, and loom. First, you need to make the bench. You then need to make the furnace. You can then use the bench to create anvil out of iron bars. Once the anvil is crafted, make the sawmill and loom. And lastly, combine five silk and 15 wood to make the bed.

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