The ShackledCraft website has three links from the main menu: Shop, Forums, and Vote. The first two links are self-explanatiory, but what is ShackledCraft Vote? Before we can work out that answer, we need to learn what ShackledCraft is. Here is the information we could find.

ShackledCraft is part of the Minecraft game which is why the Minecraft website comes up first in search results. It’s also why the ShackledCraft website seems a little vague upon first visiting it.

Minecraft Servers

The first thing a Minecraft beginner needs to do is join a server. A server in real life hardware terms, is a computer. That’s not how Minecraft uses the term. In Minecraft, a “server” is a unqiue online world. So in order to join one particular Minecrafted world that has been created by people, you need to join its server.

ShackledCraft Server

One of the most popular (and therefore best) Minecraft servers to join is the ShackledCraft server. ShackledCraft is a prison-themed Minecraft server. It was made by gamers and for gamers, meaning it’s been made well and caters to the more eperienced level of Minecraft players.

To login to the ShackledCraft server, you need to use the following server IP address: When you choose to add the ShackledCraft server (to join it), you need to input the server IP address and when you do it’ll then connect you to the unqiue ShackledCraft world.

ShackledCraft Vote

When you join the ShackledCraft world, you are able to vote on what gets added to the world. From the main menu, you will see the following options:

  • Minecraft-mp
  • Minecraft-server-list
  • Vote Link #4
  • Vote Link #5 Vote: After you have entered your username, you can choose to vote or return to this server.

Minecraft-mp: This directs to a premium Minecraft Server List. The premium servers are Immortal, Tulip Survival, Mine Club, Koi Kraft, and The Bridge MC.

Minecraft-server-list: This allows you to vote for the ShackledCraft Prison at the Minecraft-server-list site. After entering your Minecraft player name, you can vote.

Vote Link #4 and #5: This directs to the Summer Season’s Base Competition.