If you are one of the people pondering what the ShackledCraft IP address is to access its server, we have the answer below. Additionally, we fill you in on how to enter the IP address via the Minecraft launcher, which is the primary portal to the game.

Minecraft Servers

The first thing a Minecraft beginner needs to do is join a server. A server in real life hardware terms, is a computer. That’s not how Minecraft uses the term. In Minecraft, a “server” is a unqiue online world. So in order to join one particular Minecrafted world that has been created by people, you need to join its server.

ShackledCraft Server

One of the most popular (and therefore best) Minecraft servers to join is the ShackledCraft server. ShackledCraft is a prison-themed Minecraft server. It was made by gamers and for gamers, meaning it’s been made well and caters to the more eperienced level of Minecraft players.

To login to the ShackledCraft server, you need to use the following server IP address: login1.shackledcraft.com. When you choose to add the ShackledCraft server (to join it), you need to input the server IP address and when you do it’ll then connect you to the unqiue ShackledCraft world.

ShackledCraft IP

In order for you to join a ShackledCraft session, you will need to log in to its online server via its unique IP address. That IP address is login1.shackledcraft.com.

There is only one ShackledCraft IP address, and you can use it any time you want to log into the ShackledCraft server. However, do note that the ShackledCraft administratoirs can change the IP required to log in to the online world any time they want, and they have been known to change it in the past. It would be rare for them to continually update the IP address though since it would leave many players in the lurk, so the changes they’ve made to date may just have been teporary rather than routine. Neverthelss, we will always update the IP address whenver we know what it is. Your comments will help us identify when it might be out of date also.

Playing ShackledCraft

You can join the ShackledCraft server via the Minecraft launcher. Open Minecraft, click on Play, followed by Multiplayer, and then click on the Add Server button. This is where you can choose to add the ShackledCraft server and enter the login1.shackledcraft.com IP address where gives the Server Address field.

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