If you want a cool math game, Idle Breakout is as cool as it gets. Funnily enough, it’s also available from the Cool Math Games website. While relaxing, busting billions of bricks isn’t easy, hence why many players go looking to get hacks in Idle Breakout. Here are the best hacks that you’ll need to play the game.

Idle Breakout by Cool Math Games

How to Hack Idle Breakout

Hacking Idle Breakout is never easy. The cheat codes for this game are as long as it gets.

How to Get Infinite Gold in Idle Breakout

Here is the Idle Breakout hack to get infinite gold:


How to Get Infinite Money in Idle Breakout

Here is the Idle Breakout hack to get infinite money:


What Is the Best Ball in Idle Breakout

In Idle Breakout, the various balls break the bricks. The cannonball is the best ball in Idle Breakout because it has lots of power to defeat the bosses.

How to Get BB in Idle Breakout

The Black Balls cannot be damaged by any balls except for the Sniper Ball until all standard bricks have been broken. Once you have compelted level 100, there is a line of black bricks. You are awarded one Black Brick for every one you break.

How to Get Skill Points in Idle Breakout

The skill points are awarded after you have defeated the boss bricks. When you get awarded skill points, you can have powerful skill upgrades.

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