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The computer hash code for the name “Mathew Diekhake” that’s used on his social media pages.

Editor of ConsumingTech.com



DDLS, Melbourne, Australia – Leading Corporate IT Training and Certification Provider


  • Managing and maintaining Microsoft Windows
  • Operating systems, web browsers, and other consumer software
  • Writing [English] and search engine optimization

Personal Interests:

  • He has been regularly bodyboarding since he was a kid and can be seen catching waves at the one good break around when it’s working.
  • He studied IT when operating systems progressed enough to show potential (XP, Vista). By 2011, he had become an online entrepreneur with tech publications.
  • The mechanics behind a good laptop bring out his toxic masculinity more so than a good car, but he has been a longtime Formula 1 fan, in part thanks to its tech, and owned a rare late 90s Mercedes sports model for some time.
  • He took up chess in his 30s and has absorbed over 1500 chess books. When playing others, he mainly plays the old classical chess. But he also enjoys Fischer Random a great deal.
  • He often tunes in to baseball broadcasts while working and is a longtime Yankees fan, though he also spends many hours listening to the Angels and Braves games in particular. As a Millennial, Jeter is his favorite player and his Yankee monomania led to the ownership of a rare Jeter gold hologram rookie card, which in true nerd fashion, is one of his only non-digital assets.


  • Over a decade of experience offering free help tutorials and news online for various publications
  • Author of over 10,000 articles online
  • Qualified systems administrator for Microsoft Windows environments
  • Once the founder of WindowsTutorials.com, macOSTutorials.com, and BrowserTutorials.com among other domains which all merged into ConsumingTech.com; he remains heavily invested in tutorial-based domain names for your peace of mind
  • Most of his work now resides on this domain (ConsumingTech.com) which he owns
  • His work has collected over 18,000 backlinks on the CosumingTech.com domain

Mathew Diekhake is a certified Microsoft systems administrator from Melbourne, Australia, and editor of ConsumingTech.com. Mathew always had a lot of questions for the world and was ecstatic when he found a search engine that was willing to answer them. Once having many of his own questions answered, he then set out to answer the questions of others with his own how-to website focused on technology.

Mathew is Windows and Android obsessed, just because those have always been the two operating systems readily available more often than not, though he has spent decades learning about a variety of computer software, both formally and as an autodidact. He has earned numerous Microsoft certificates (see below) and is a qualified Systems Administrator (MCSA). In his free time, Mathew enjoys reading everything he can get his hands on related to computer software. He also enjoys jumping in the ocean when conditions are ripe, playing chess with friends, and keeping up with world affairs.

Mathew is a big proponent of computer software and the internet. And while it may turn out that technology as a whole is bad for the universe—given its apparent adverse effects on climate—he is hopeful that it can advance to where its environmental impact is minimalized compared to today. Mathew thinks that computers, in general, will do wonders for boosting the education, and perhaps intelligence, of people over the next hundred years; and that computers will play a large role in advancing the world for the better over that same period, and, hopefully, much longer.


Mathew graduated from DDLS Melbourne campus with the following certifications:

  • DDLS as a CompTIA A+ Certified IT technician certificate training (parts 1 and 2)
  • Service desk analyst
  • Installing, configuring, and administering Windows XP Professional
  • Managing a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment
  • Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 environment
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)
  • Microsoft Certified Professional
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCTIP)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 (MCSA)
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator: Messaging on Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Server Administrator on Windows Server 2008


Mathew’s area of expertise is with computer operating systems and web browsers—in particular, managing and maintaining systems and software. Since 2011, Mathew has written tens of thousands of articles on computer software covering a wide range of topics, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Android, and other operating systems; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and other web browsers. His oldest work can be found on ConsumingTech.com, where he began writing on computer operating systems and web browsers before creating more technical-oriented domains such as WindowsTutorials.com. He also spent three years as an author for dotTech.org, a once top 20,000 Alexa ranking tech blog before being discontinued. dotTech is owned by the same company that runs SharewareOnSale.com, one of the most successful shareware websites in the world still to this day.

Mathew’s work has been quoted and used as a source of information by Microsoft MVP’s on the Microsoft.com website, senior XDA developer forum members, senior OnePlus forum members, senior Xiaomi forum members, popular independent websites such as AnandTech and popular blogs such as Android Pit, just to name a few. Thousands of other websites have sourced his expertise in computer software as well. Publications, through their own free will, routinely use his work as a source of information most weeks, which he greatly appreciates.

Mathew has written tens of thousands of articles online spanning across several domains, and those articles have gone on to get hundreds of millions of views. His work on ConsumingTech.com was once getting close to a million monthly views, and he has had the website inside the top 50,000 trafficked sites in the world, according to Alexa. His articles continue to be read by hundreds of thousands of people every month, and they have done so now for many consecutive years.

On his domains, Mathew also spends lots of time answering questions to queries that readers leave in the comments. Between writing new articles and answering questions, Mathew can usually be found online seven days a week and almost around the clock.

At ConsumingTech.com, Mathew hopes to one day create a thriving tech community filled with tech enthusiasts, as well as convert the esoteric for beginners just searching for answers, and offer a variety of expertly written tutorials for many different operating systems and other computer software. Few days go by where Mathew isn’t advancing his own skills, as well as the content on this website. He hopes that his work can one day be a valuable contribution to the World Wide Web.


You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. You may also reach him via email here: admin@consumingtech.com. Please note, all questions related to his content should be left as comments beneath the articles, as he does not provide computer support via social media or email.

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