Unmask ParasitesUnmask Parasites is a website security check tool that specializes in detecting parasites. A parasite is malware coming from compromised sites. Many websites are hacked due to security vulnerabilities and hackers may insert hidden illicit content into the webpages.

Unmask Parasites is owned by Sucuri and compliments the basic Sucuri security scan. Sucuri checks blacklists which can assist in letting you know if a security vendor has blacklisted a site. Unmask Parasites can help you find out if a site has been compromised directly.

Google Transparency Report

An Unmask Parasite scan includes a Google Transparency Report for the domain.

Here at consumingtech.com, we often use Sucuri and Unmask Parasites when performing technical analysis of websites to assess how safe they are to visit. It is not enough to assess whether or not you think a domain is owned by safe people. Rather, you need to check if a site is intentionally installing malware or has been compromised with injected malware without the site owner’s knowledge. In part thanks to Unmask Parasites, our technical analysis assesses both malware purposefully being injected into webpages and unknowingly being injected.

Run a parasite scan: unmask.sucuri.net