What Is Pornhub?

Pornhub (Pornhub.com) is a porn tube site owned by MindGeek which owns other sites such as YouPorn, RedTube, and Xtube. It offers free porn videos. It is known for its high-definition short videos that are often snippets taken from premium videos you would otherwise have to pay for the full versions. Pornhub also offers user profiles and for users to upload their own porn content. A user profile can also add friends similar to a social media site such as Facebook. According to its Wikipedia page, PornHub is the 13th most trafficked site in the world and only second to Xvideos in the pornography niche. Pornhub gets a lot of its traffic from search engines, particularly its category and tag pages which are often high-trafficked pages for some of the most browsed porn categories. According to SimilarWeb, Pornhub gets an estimated 2.6 billion monthly views. And the Wayback Machine estimates PornHub to be founded on February 1, 2001.

Is Pornhub Safe?

I conducted a series of malware tests to find out if Pornhub is safe and legitimate. Here are the results:

First, I browsed the site Pornhub.com extensively for 30 minutes and then ran a malware scan on my computer with Malwarebytes and it returned no malware detection. I also ran a full scan with Microsoft Defender and no malware was found. Additionally, I was using Malwarebytes Browser Guard while browsing the site Pornhub.com and it allowed me to browse freely without suggesting any part of the site I visited was compromised.

To confirm the site is clean, I also checked the site Pornhub.com on the online malware scanner VirusTotal and it returned with no issues. You can find the same here: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/domain/pornhub.com

Pornhub VirusTotal results

I ran another scan with a secondary online malware scanner provided by sitecheck.sucuri.net and it said no malware was found and that it was a low-security risk. You can see the same here: https://sitecheck.sucuri.net/results/pornhub.com

Pornhub Sucuri results

The malware scanners let you know if a site is safe to visit, but they can’t scan the contents of files you may download. For the best real-time protection, we recommend enabling cloud-delivered protection. It will assist in preventing you from downloading malware if it knows it is present.

In conclusion, we found no malware when testing Pornhub.com and have no problem recommending using the site. Pornhub is safe.