The Windows 11 operating system has been updated to version KB5005189. This update to the Dev channel was released on August 20, 2021.

Windows 11 KB5005189 comes with two new feature changes and one fix. The Clock app has received a significant update and changes are coming to the way you see Windows Update time estimates. Locations have also been updated to no longer show information on the taskbar when they shouldn’t.

Windows 11 KB5005189 via Windows Update

The new Clock app now includes Focus Sessions. With Focus Sessions, you can link your Spotify account to the Clock app. This means you can have your favorite music playing during your Focus Sessions.

If you haven’t opened up Microsoft To-Do on Windows 11 yet, you can find it from Search, and then the app will ask to update itself before opening. Once open, you can click on Focus Sessions and then choose to install Spotify from the available Spotify widget that’s already there and waiting to ask you if you would like to install Spotify. If you like Spotify and don’t know the internet very well, I recommend installing it this way, or else you might end up with Spotify pinned to your taskbar, automatically running at startup, and all sorts of things you didn’t want but accidentally signed up to allow during the installation process that occurs when you download it directly from the Spotify website.

Windows 11 KB5005189 Spotify integration with Focus Sessions

Microsoft made a change in Windows 11 to start showing time estimates next to Windows Update notifications. These estimates could be seen under the Power menu via the Start menu, in the Settings page, and in the notification area of the taskbar. However, now Microsoft is making a change to only show these time estimates for computers that have an SDD; Microsoft is wanting to remove HDDs from these estimates. Currently, this progress is only being trialed.

Microsoft has also fixed a problem with the taskbar. The taskbar would sometimes show that a location was in use even though locations had been blocked in a user’s preferences.

Microsoft is also aware of many known issues that still exist in this build and that they will try to solve in the next build. You can view the full release notes for this update, including those known issues, from here: Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22000.160.

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