Sometimes things ending in “ware” aren’t things you want to be anywhere near. For example, most people understand malware as a type of virus that is terrible news for your computer if you happen to have some. But if you ever wondered if there was a way of getting high-quality software for free, then you would need to look for one of two words online: freeware and shareware.

On the surface of things, it sounds like the freeware option would be more promising than the shareware option since it has the word “free” in it, and you would be right: Freeware, by definition, is supposed to remain free for the duration of the time you use it.

The shareware is copyrighted software that is available for you to try out for free with the understanding that you would then have to switch over to paying full price later down the track. Some sites like Shareware On Sale do things a bit differently and sell Shareware at heavily discounted prices, and you never have to pay the full amount. How they manage to offer that is not public information, and it’s what makes them such a valuable business. But I have tried it out myself, and it indeed is genuine software without any gimmicks. What’s more, Shareware On Sale also chooses to offer a free daily discount for anyone who wants it just to keep people interested in coming back for more.

There are few downsides to the Shareware on Sale website. About the only thing I can think of is that you might not have as much hard drive space on the computer that you wish you did so you could download more stuff. When you download the shareware, it obviously needs to download onto your computer, and therefore people with limited space can only download a limited amount of things. There’s a good possibility Shareware on Sale will likely be around for a long time so it might be something to consider before you buy your next computer (although the free daily giveaway idea might not necessarily stick around forever).

But the whole free daily giveaway thing is an integral part of the business because it separates it from a traditional company that just wants to take from you as much as it can. Shareware On Sale appears as though it is as much about giving as it is about taking, and that probably has something to do with the nice man behind it all.

The connection between Shareware On Sale and Azadify: The Azadify network is the company name that both Shareware On Sale and Azadify businesses are owned by. In other words, they have the same owner.

I can’t speak for the owner and tell people why he has done what he has done, but a calculated guess would be that Azadify was created to help publicize Shareware On Sale and help it grow.

Not only can Azadify run on the owner’s website to help distribute giveaways from Shareware On Sale, but it can also be used by any other website owner in the world. If you want to offer free daily giveaways sponsored by Shareware On Sale, you can do that to help boost your subscribers and get people coming back to your website. The added bonus for Shareware On Sale is that some of the traffic interested in the shareware is also going to be downloading from the Shareware On Sale website—a win-win for everybody.

Nobody knows exactly how the inner workings of Shareware On Sale work, but it does offer a chance for developers to partner with the company and help grow the brand’s awareness. It is assumed that is the same reason why they offer all shareware with big bargains: to increase awareness of it and other products that might be made by the same developers that otherwise might not have been used or seen at all. There is nothing you as the user of the software needs to do with regards to future software though. You are not obliged to install anything else in the future if you don’t want it. What’s more, the purchase price that you got will always remain at that price, and you will never have to pay any more money than that. Additionally, if you did get a free offer—either from the free daily giveaways or just browsing the website and found a “freebie”—that free price tag will never make you pay for anything like it would have with traditional shareware.

How to Get Shareware On Sale

Start off by opening your web browser and heading to the website. Choose what you want to download that is available for free or for a discount. (You can tell what is available free of charge by looking for the “free!” in orange next to the price that is now displaying with a line through it.)

Once you have made your section, click on the “yes, I want this” button.

The shareware that is available to download isn’t always with regards to software either. There are some cool ebooks available that offer some valuable reading, like the “The Essentials Of Finance” that is available on the site right now that I am choosing to download myself for the purpose of this example.

Next, read the description of the item to confirm that you definitely are interested in downloading what you chose in the last step, and then click on the “Download the (item name) now” orange button. (The example is of the essentials of finance and that’s why the button states “essentials of finance” in the example.

Enter your email in the available field or choose to download the software with your LinkedIn account. The email that you enter here is where the software is going to end up so you can download and use it.

The next page directs you through to some details that the partnership providing the cheap or free shareware wants before it gives it to you for free. (Nothing here is to be considered personal information that you will regret handing over to companies, but this information is of some value to them which is why they are willing to let you download things free or cheaply.)

 Depening on the download that you hve chosen, there might be some additonal details you need ot choose, like I did here from the drop-down menu next to where it ask me “What is your current accounting/ERP systm” so that it can give me the right reading material. Your downlaod might require similar types of details or it might not. You’ll just need to scrol ldown and check what it is asking in your partoular set of circumstances.

 You then will receive a thank you note with a message letting you know that your item is now available for you to download from your email that you provided in the first steps. There’s also an additional note letting you know that all of your downloads that you do through Shareware On Sale and ePub can be viewed from the “My Library” section that it has made for you That way you don’t need to run through the same process all over again, and you can just download it from your library—similar to what Netflix has done lately with offline downloads if you are an avid movie watcher.

 Open your email. if you are using Windows 10—the current latest version of Windows operating systems available—then the quickest way to get there is by navigating to the Start menu and then clicking on the Mail tile in the “Life at a glance” section.

 The email will give you all of the details you need, along with the direct download links to have the software or ebook downloaded onto the computer for your enjoyment so you can make use of it. if ever you don’t feel comfortable with it, there’s always the option of running an anti-virus scan—or you could even use the Virus Total online free scan to check out what is in your download.

Don’t forget, that website owners also have the added option of being able to display these same free daily giveaways that Shareware On Sale offers. To do that, you need to head over to the Azadify.

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